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Our services are developed with you in mind. Since life is ever changing and no two families are alike we develop our services to meet your individual requirements. 

We can also extend the comfort & safety of your aging or disabled loved ones in the home they know and love. We offer home and yard maintenance, home renovations, installations and special care to help with the day to day upkeep of their homes & yards. Boreal Property Management Corp. strives to help you and your loved ones, by improving independence so you both can live life to the fullest, knowing they are safe and warm!

Boreal Property Management Corp. offers free consultations and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  
Gift certificates available for all our services.

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Boreal Property Services Corp.

Boreal Property Management Corp.We have experience with a wide range of tools to help get the job done right.

  • Project financing available
  • Property and Estate Management
  • Private and Income Property Marketing
  • Presale Readiness Consulting
  • Renovation Services
  • Carpentry and Handyman Services
  • Electrical and Plumbing Services
  • Stay at Home - Home and Yard care
  • Residential & Commercial Window Cleaning
  • Residential & Office Cleaning Services
  • Snow Clearing & Maintenance
  • Project Management Services
  • Real Estate Photography 

We only hire prescreened, fully qualified, fully licensed contractors.