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Property Management –Your Way!
Boreal Property Management Corp. designs our services to meet your needs. It is our mission to bring back the joy of owning income properties.
Offering A Variety Of Services
We are here to help with property management, real estate marketing, yard maintenance and much more!
We Are Here To Help!
Dale & Rena Mae have developed their professional experience base together with over 35 years of academic and on the job training.


Why Choose Boreal Property Management Corp.?

Dale & Rena Mae McDonald have been a part of this community since 2003. 

"This is our home and playground.” - Dale and Rena Mae McDonald

Meet Dale and Rena Mae McDonaldWhat Makes Us Different?

Our lives, and now our company, Boreal Property Management Corp. is about relationships, and helping people with integrity and dignity. Dale & Rena Mae both utilize unique qualifications and experience base. 

Together we are here to help you find your joy again.

Owning property or income property can be a challenge, but it does not need to be. When you connect with Boreal Property Management Corp. we strive to help restore the work-life balance you may have not thought possible.

Go ahead contact us today for your free consultation. Remember meeting with friends, over a coffee will brighten anyone’s day!


Employment Opportunity: Residential & Office Cleaning Professionals
We are looking to meet & hire the right people who are currently working or have experience in professional home or office cleaning, or someone you know that has a passion for home & office cleaning. We would love referrals. 

Self employed already? Great! That shows you have the commitment we are looking for. We offer benefits and direct client billing to take the risk out of your business and you can still serve your client base.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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